Russia is a threat even without Putin: Europe has to accept that a new era has begun

well-known Ukrainian journalist, deputy director of Crimean Tatar TV ATR, Aider Muzhdabaev, emphasized a very big problem, because of which Russia, even if it is stopped in Ukraine, will definitely not stop.

“I would really like to talk about the most anti-Putin part of Russian society, the opposition in emigration. Many associate the opposition in emigration with the person of Khodorkovsky, because Navalny is in prison. By the way, Navalny never gave up the idea that the occupation of Crimea was the right thing to do, even though it was exactly where all the crimes started. Of course, if we don’t remember Chechnya.

Meanwhile, Khodorovskis visited Lithuania several times and spoke at various forums. These days, he finally squeezed out of himself that Crimea is Ukraine, although, as you know, he previously expressed various doubts about it, and proposed some kind of referendums on the seized territory of a foreign, sovereign country. Well, now he said that Crimea is Ukraine, but the North Caucasus is Russia. So, he made it clear that even if there is no Putin left, and in some way – during the elections or in some other way people like Khodorkovsky come to power, then we are all guaranteed a fourth “entrance” to the world war. They will go to war in Chechnya again, they will start staging terrorist attacks again, they will start bombing cities again and so on – ad infinitum. Because they didn’t understand what they did,” the Ukrainian journalist stated.

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