Russia is criticized even by Kadyrov

R. Kadyrov expressed his opinion on the Telegram channel. According to him, when making combat or tactical decisions, the Russian leadership consulted with “active participants of the special operation”, and this time they ignored them.

“I think that criminals recognized as terrorists cannot be exchanged for military personnel. I would understand if there was an equal exchange – soldier for soldier, agent for agent. We have a lot of prisoners of the armed forces, of which at least a hundred to one will change, it will still be,” the Chechen leader taught, referring to the fact that Russia Ukraine returned Azovstal defenders.

R. Kadyrov was very indignant that the exchange took place on “Ukraine’s terms”. “Our fighters crushed the fascists in Mariupol, drove them to Azovstal, where they were killed, wounded and chained. Just this “Azov“The handing over of terrorists should have been unacceptable. Therefore, it is not surprising that the fighters who liberated Mariupol and are now on the front line come to their own conclusion – not to take the fascists into captivity,” warned R. Kadyrov.

UNIAN reminds that 215 Ukrainians, including Azov soldiers, returned from Russian captivity, and Ukraine handed over detained politician Viktor Medvedchuk and 55 soldiers to Russia.

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