Russia only had 10 of these special war machines – and it has already lost almost half of them in Ukraine

Basically, it is a heavy armored personnel carrier based on the T-72 chassis, capable of carrying up to 7 troops and 30 RPO-A Šmel jet flamethrowers. This is also one of the reasons why such a simple vehicle will be relatively easy for the Ukrainian military to repair.

Before Russia launched a full-scale war with Ukraine, the Russian defense industry produced only 10 BMO-Ts, which were distributed to two military units: the 1st mobile brigade of nuclear, biological and chemical protection (base in Shikhan, Saratov region) and the 47th for the tank division that participated in the battles near the city of Izium in Ukraine.

So far, only two such destroyed vehicles have been reported in Ukraine: in April and May of this year. According to some other sources, the third was also liquidated.

This put the Russians in a difficult position. Before the invasion, they managed to produce only ten “heavy infantry fighting vehicles” level armored vehicles. And now they are already four of the entire park – or 40 percent. already lost in the battles.

This, by the way, shows that when it comes to the survivability of the vehicle, not only the thickness of its armor is important, but also the reliability of the internal structure and the competent operation of the machine during real combat.

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