Russia threatens to shut down the Zaporizhia NPP

According to Igor Kirilov, the commander of the Russian Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces, the backup control systems of the facility were damaged during the shelling of the NPP. According to I. Kirilov, if a nuclear disaster were to occur, radioactive materials would cover Germany, Poland and Slovakia.

The Russian military has been controlling the Zaporizhia NPP since March. The power plant is located near the front lines, so recently it has been shelled several times. Russia and Ukraine blame each other for the attacks on this facility.

Minister: Ukraine must prepare for all possible scenarios at the Zaporizhia NPP

Ukraine must prepare for all possible scenarios under Russian occupation Zaporizhia nuclear power plantthe country’s Minister of Internal Affairs Denys Monastyrskis said, The Guardian agency reports.

“No one could have predicted that Russian soldiers would direct heavy fire at the nuclear reactors. This is unbelievable”, said D. Monastyrskis. According to the minister, as long as the control of the NPP is in the hands of Russia, there are “big risks”.

D. Monastyrskis made such comments after dozens of Ukrainian emergency services workers took part in training to respond to a possible nuclear disaster. During them, among other things, they trained to evacuate the wounded, measure radiation levels and wash contaminated cars.

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