Russian propagandist bursts with anger about the Baltic countries

With emotional, angry comments, the propagandist reacted to the Baltic countries’ initiative to ban visas for citizens of the aggressor country.

V. Solovjov called Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia “Baltic dead” and “Nazis”. The propagandist also threatened that the Russian Federation, based on the example of Ukraine, could introduce its own regular forces to “protect the Russian-speaking population.”

“You are violating the rights of ethnic minorities. We are about to deploy troops to protect the Russian-speaking population… Are Berlin, Paris, London and Brussels ready to burn under our missile strikes? And if necessary – from tactical nuclear weapons? Will America be ready to join the fight for the dead of the Baltics, who in their Nazi madness violate the rights of Russian speakers?” V. Solovyov threw threats on the air of the show.

The propagandist also claimed that Russia could launch nuclear strikes on the territory of the United States in response to NATO allies’ actions against Russian-speaking citizens in Europe. Moreover, according to A. Solovyov, in the event of an open conflict with NATO, Russia would use a different type of weaponry.

“We don’t feel sorry for them, they are not our people. There will already be work at the level of strategic and tactical nuclear weapons. Do they really want that? They want to tease us like this? Will NATO be ready for a nuclear war because of the idiocy of the Baltic countries?” V. Solovyov asked on the air of his show.

In addition, the propagandist was outraged that Latvia officially recognized Russia as a country supporting terrorism. According to him, in response to such a move, the State Duma should confiscate the property of the neighboring state and disconnect it from Russia’s electricity supply.

“Smoke! Why haven’t they made a decision about the Baltic countries that took us in, accused us of something – a state that “supports terrorism”… Didn’t they disconnect them from electricity, didn’t they confiscate all the property of these countries?!” A. Solovjov burst out with anger.

V. Solovyov is Vladimir Putin and the latter in Ukraine supporter of the launched “special military operation”. He is included in the sanctions lists of the European Union (EU) for spreading propaganda.

Delphi reminds that the government of Estonia decided last Thursday to ban the entry of Russian citizens who have visas issued by Estonia to enter the Schengen area, as well as to limit the issuance of such visas, the press service of the government reported.

“These sanctions mean that the visas will remain valid, but their holders will not be allowed to come to Estonia,” said Foreign Affairs Minister Urmas Reinsalu at a press conference.

According to him, this ban will not apply to persons subject to sanctions clauses, employees of the Russian Embassy and members of their families, persons directly involved in the transportation of goods and passengers, as well as persons who have freedom of movement under the laws of the European Union or whose arrival is based on humanitarian grounds. reasons. Those who want to visit spouses or other relatives living in Estonia and who have received an invitation will also be able to come.

The government also decided to exceptionally extend residence permits for students from Russia who need time to complete their studies at Estonian higher education institutions for a year.

The sanctions will take effect on August 18.

“We have noticed that there has been a significant increase in Russian citizens going to or through Estonia,” said U. Reinsalu. “The possibility of visiting Estonia en masse or traveling through Estonia to Europe does not correspond to the essence of the sanctions we have established.”

“By establishing sanctions, Estonia wanted to ensure that the aggressor state would not have the opportunity – among other things, at the level of individual citizens – to continue their normal life at the international level,” he added.

According to the minister, the previous visa exemptions for Russian citizens for work, study and business purposes will also be abolished.

At that time, the Minister of the Interior, Lauri Laanemets, announced that exemptions would be applied to students who did not manage to finish their studies before the introduction of sanctions.

“It may be dangerous for many of these young people to return home under the current circumstances, because they advocated the defense of Ukraine, criticized Russian aggression and the regime. This is punishable by criminal procedure in Russia, so they exceptionally needed to extend their residence permits in the country so that they could finish their studies,” said L. Laanemets.

At the time, Latvian parliamentarians on Thursday adopted a statement declaring Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” and calling its actions in Ukraine a “targeted genocide of the Ukrainian people.”

The statement said the parliament “recognizes Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism and calls on other like-minded countries to take the same view.”

The parliamentarians said that “Russia considers violence against civilians carried out for political purposes to be terrorism.” They also condemned the use of cluster munitions “to sow fear and indiscriminately kill civilians”.

Russia “is using torture and intimidation as tools to try to demoralize the people and armed forces of Ukraine and paralyze the functioning of the state in order to occupy Ukraine,” the statement said. The Parliament also called on the European Union to stop issuing tourist visas to citizens of Russia and Belarus and to reduce the number of entry visas issued in general.

The parliament says that the “Belarusian regime supports and participates” in the Russian invasion, and the international community is called on to impose the same sanctions on Belarus as on Russia.

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