Russia’s famous weapon has been shamefully exposed

He can’t shoot, he can only walk outside in sunny weather, his battery doesn’t last more than a couple of hours, not to mention, he’s easy to hack, The Insider writes.

The state news agency RIA Novosti, which “interviewed the developers of the robotic complex”, reported on the robot-dog presented at the Russian arms exhibition. During the presentation, the robot-dog carried a load on its back – a single-use rocket-propelled anti-tank grenade with an RPG-26 grenade launcher.

According to them, this robot-dog, or rather the M-81 complex, can “shoot adaptively, transport weapons, and in civilian emergency areas – perform reconnaissance, crawl under rubble and deliver medicine.” According to the developers, used for combat purposes, it can also identify targets, patrol and stand guard.

This complex resembles a dog because it was created “using bionics – the principles, structures and mechanics inherent in the animal world, and is therefore dog-like, especially in terms of dynamics.”

According to the agency’s report, this robot was developed by the Russian engineering company AO Intellekt Mashin. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, this company was registered in April 2022, and its registered address is a simple residential building on Shevchenko Street in St. Petersburg.

The director of the company is named Aleksej Aristov, who previously managed companies that were recognized by the tax service as non-functioning and liquidated.

Although the robot was clad in a black suit at the time of presentation, the appearance of the M-81 complex was easily recognizable as the Go1 dog robot developed by the Chinese company Unitree Robotics: it featured a distinctive octagonal head shape and had the same front-facing cameras that were available see even through the cover.

The manufacturer’s website offers two configurations of this robot, priced from $2,700 to $3,500. This model has been on the market for over a year and is available to anyone, even through AliExpress.

The actual manufacturer refers to this robot as a companion, in other words, essentially as a toy. The technical characteristics indicate that it can carry a load of up to 3 kg, reach up to 17 km/h. speed and operate up to 4 hours with a charged battery. However, buyers write in their reviews that the battery of the robot actually lasts from 30 minutes to a couple of hours, the working mode is different, and the maximum speed does not exceed 4-5 km/h.

In Russia, the Unitree Go1 is sold on the website Robosobaka, which is owned by Revotech. The company states on its website and social networks that it is associated with the Skolkovo Innovation Center. Its holding company, Novij Ai Ti Proekt, is a major supplier of desktop and laptop computers to the Russian Ministries of Internal Affairs and Emergency Situations (contracts worth at least 2 billion rubles have been signed over the past four years).

On the Robosovaka account on the social network TikTok, a video can be found in which many of these robots are also dressed – not in camouflage black clothes, but in fancy pants.

Not only can the Unitree Go1 not carry heavy loads – for example, an RPG-26 with a grenade weighs 4.7 kg, which is a bit too heavy for a robot, if it really is a robot (but it could carry an unloaded grenade launcher) – but running on uneven surfaces, walking on mud or wet ground.

The Russian importer states that the robot can only be walked on in “sunny weather” as it is not sufficiently protected against moisture and dust. The Chinese manufacturer revealed on its YouTube channel in July 2022 that it is already working on a new model, the B1, which will have a different look, will be able to dive into water, jump over obstacles and carry up to 80 kg.

The Go1 also lacks protection against signal interception. Hackers discovered that the robot was vulnerable and had flaws that allowed them to intercept its signal and immobilize it with a universal remote control called Flipper Zero, created by amateur Russian engineers.

American bloggers have also tried to weaponize this robot. For this, they developed mounting devices and mechanisms that allow remote shooting from the back of the robot. At the same time, they found that the robot could fall, both from recoil and from simply carrying a firearm. Go1 was especially hard to deal with with an automatic rifle. Bloggers did not do tests with a grenade launcher.

This is not the first Chinese product to be presented in Russia as a local one. In August, the media reported on a new creation of one Skolkovo engineer – a single-board computer “Repka”, which could replace the foreign analogue “Raspberry Pi”. It turned out that the basis of this innovation is the Chinese single-board computer “Nano Pi K1 Plus”, which has been on sale since 2018. The Russian Raspberry Pi 3 featured a Chinese Allwinner H5 processor, which is also available on AliExpress.

The President of Russia at the “Army 2022” forum Vladimir Putin stated that Russia’s weaponry is the best in the world and that Moscow is ready to share it with many of its allies and partners. According to experts, in fact, Russia does not have the best weapons, nor many partners.

As reported by the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security, which is based on UNIAN, the real capabilities of Russian weapons have been revealed war in Ukraine.

“Compared to Western counterparts, Russian armaments are lagging behind. In principle, the Russian military-industrial complex does not create new weapons, they are still using what was achieved in the Soviet Union,” the report said.

According to Center experts, weapons production in Russia depends on Western electronics and companies in Ukraine, but the Russians do not have access to them.

The report states that the Russian equipment seized by the Ukrainian military has a manufacturing defect, which is why the occupiers themselves are at risk when operating it.

“The Russian military-industrial complex, like other branches of the Russian economy, is collapsing – companies are at a standstill, workers remain unemployed. And the fires and explosions in the factories of the Russian military industrial complex show that the officials want to hide the true state of the branch,” the report states.

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