S. Vettel: F-1 surrendered to the wishes of the Italian president

Aston Martin racer Sebastian Vettel blames F-1 for obeying the wishes of the Italian president – by allowing an airplane flight over the Monza circuit.

Earlier, F-1 had announced that it would no longer allow planes to perform pre-race demonstration flights. Flying is high in carbon emissions, and unnecessary short-haul travel, especially by celebrities on private jets, has come under fire in recent months.

Vettel said the plane flight ahead of the Italian GP was at the insistence of Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

“I heard that the Italian president insisted that the flight be arranged before the race. He’s almost 100 years old, so maybe it’s hard for him to let go of those selfish things,” Vettel said.

F-1 has announced that by 2030 intends to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero. Mr. Vettel believes that the permission to organize airplane flights is contrary to this goal.

“We were promised there would be no more flights and it seems the president just changed his mind.” F-1 gives in to the whims of others, despite the fact that there is information around the track about certain goals when it comes to making the world a better place.”

“If you have a goal, you shouldn’t act like all the other countries and just ignore the fact that you won’t achieve it.” You should keep your word. But time will tell.”

This year, the Monza circuit turned 100 years old. With several classic F-1 circuits in danger of disappearing from the championship schedule, Vettel believes F-1 should save Monza.

“It’s a great track, it’s always a great atmosphere. But I hope they stop doing demonstration flights.”

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