Sabonis invited Ilgauskas to the national team in his time: I said, come, I’ll cover you with balls, you’ll get tired of throwing

In the spring, the tall man named the best Lithuanian basketball player of all time sold his shares in “Žalgiris” to the current director of “Žalgiris”, Pauliis Motiejūnas, but did not withdraw from the club’s activities.

A. Sabonis continues to actively participate in the entire management of the organization, and now he will pay even more attention to the affairs of the club.

The 57-year-old from Kaunas talked about his new duties and other matters related to the “Žalgiris” club on the “Žalgiris” club’s webcast.

“New and young people have joined the “Žalgiris” organization, who need to feel stronger. All this was a good decision that will strengthen the Zalgiris team in the future. And my duties will be the same as always – to help somewhere, to go somewhere, to represent somewhere”, – to Ryčius Kazlauskas in the webcast #ŽalgirisOnAir said A. Sabonis.

The former president of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation (LKF) will help Paulis Jankūnas, who has finished his career and remains in the “Žalgiris” organization, to take his first steps in sports management.

“I wouldn’t say that I will be a mentor, but if he wants to, we will talk to him and if he sees that something is valuable, he will take it. Everyone has their own. Together we will look at the youth, the other jobs are nothing new,” said the Lithuanian basketball legend.

#ŽalgirisOnAir in the podcast, A. Sabonis also rated it Lithuanian national basketball team possibilities in the European Basketball Championship and reviewed the careers of Tautvydas and Domantas Sabonių.

A. Sabonis’ son has also been working in the “Zalgiris” organization for several years – Tautvydas Sabonis. The coach, who is famous for his individual work with players, is highly regarded and respected among basketball players. And how does his father see his work and progress?

“It’s better to see those who work with it. I only know one thing – he wasn’t built to be a good basketball player, but as a coach, I think he’ll shoot. From an early age, he was interested in the inner world of basketball,” said the new honorary president of “Žalgiris” about Tutis.

#ŽalgirisOnAir in the podcast, A. Sabonis also assessed the possibilities of the Lithuanian basketball team to win medals at the European Basketball Championship.

“Of course you can. It remains to be seen how it goes, as the first three games will tell. It’s important to keep everyone healthy and keep the ball moving. If there is no birth, I think you can hang. If you’re driving with the goal of achieving something, what difference does it make with who you play with? The bottom line is that it will be necessary to play with good ones, especially since there are no more teams in Europe that you can lay your hands on. Everyone needs to be respected and 100 percent prepared for everyone,” said the long-time leader of the Lithuanian national team.

On the club’s website, A. Sabonis also admitted that he invited Žydrūnas Ilgauskas to the national team in his time.

“Once upon a time Ž. I kept persuading Ilgauskas, I said, come – we’ll play, I’ll cover you with balls, you’ll get tired of throwing them”, laughs the interviewer.

In an interview with Rytis Kazlauskas, the basketball legend considered how the duo of Žydrūnas Ilgauskas and A. Sabonis would look like in reality, and which national team matches he would like to replay himself.

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