sanctions are not valid for such SUVs from Russia?

“Is it normal that there are Russian G-class jeeps in Kaunas, near the Radisson, which ordinary people really don’t drive,” a reader shared a photo from K. Donelaitis street on Tuesday.

“What’s happening in Kaunas” reminds us that when Russia attacked Ukraine, Lithuania was among the countries that restricted the opportunities for Russian citizens to get a visa and come to our country.

At that time, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabrielius Landsbergis will discuss the policy of tourist visas for Russian citizens with the heads of diplomacy of the European Union (EU) in Prague on Tuesday.

Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Finland are calling for additional sanctions against Moscow for aggression against Ukraine and a complete ban on Russian tourists getting visas to the EU’s common Schengen area, writes BNS.

These countries do not rule out that without a joint EU decision, they could apply regional bans on the entry of Russian citizens.

The Czech Republic, which presides over the European Union, has previously offered to stop issuing new visas to Russians.

An EU diplomat confirmed to the AFP agency last week that plans to suspend the validity of the agreement, which makes it easier for Russians to apply for visas to travel to the bloc, are on the negotiating table at an informal meeting of EU ministers.

The measure does not amount to an official ban on tourist visas, but it would complicate the visa process and could slow the flow of Russians to Europe, increasing Moscow’s international isolation.

According to BNS, last year the 26 countries belonging to the Schengen travel zone – 22 EU member states and Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein – examined 536 thousand. Russian applications for short-term visas.

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