Scientists believe they have found the answer to one of the oldest mysteries of the Universe

One of the central mysteries of the universe is that two forms of matter existed at the time of the Big Bang: ordinary matter and antimatter. However, these two forms destroy each other when they come into contact. Therefore, scientists are trying to find out why The universe consists of ordinary matter, not “nothing”, and where all antimatter has disappeared. It seems that researchers have found a solution to this problem, writes The Independent.

According to the author of the new study, Yan Tsui of the University of California, Riverside (USA), the fact that the Universe is dominated by ordinary matter remains one of the main mysteries of modern physics.

“The asymmetry between matter and antimatter in the early universe is necessary for normal matter to dominate the universe, but is undetectable by known laws of physics.” There are theories that can explain all of this, but they cannot be tested. But we found a way to use the CMB (cosmic microwave radiation) left over from the Big Bang to turn the universe itself into a laboratory to test these theories,” says Yano Tsui.

In their study, the researchers set out to test a theory related to leptogenesis, a process of particle decay that may have led to the asymmetry between matter and antimatter in the early universe.

“Some types of elementary particle asymmetry at the very beginning of the Universe’s existence can, over time and through further particle interactions, evolve into the matter-antimatter asymmetry that created the cosmos as we know it. Leptogenesis is one of the most convincing mechanisms for the asymmetry between normal matter and antimatter, and it involves a fundamental particle such as the “right-handed” neutrino, but this particle is impossible to capture in modern particle accelerators on eartheven in the Large Hadron Collider due to the excessive mass of this particle,” says Y. Tsui.

According to the scientist, there is no need to create a more powerful accelerator on Earth, because the same conditions that can be created there already existed in the early Universe.

“Cosmic inflation, the rapid expansion of the Universe at the very beginning of its existence, created a high-energy environment that allowed the emergence of new heavy particles and also contributed to their interaction in a cosmic accelerator with energies 10 billion times higher than any modern particle accelerator” – says Y. Tsui.

Traces of the origin of the asymmetry can be found in the distribution of galaxies, as well as in the cosmic microwave background radiation left over from the Big Bang, the researchers say. New research may reveal the origin of matter and explain why ordinary matter dominates the cosmos.

If everything in the universe has a beginning and an end, it means that our universe itself will disappear at some point. There are many theories about how and when this will happen. There are five most popular hypotheses about the future of space.

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