Scientists have the answer to why talking to yourself is not a sign of insanity, but a sign of genius

How about you – do you sometimes talk to yourself? If so, then you should not worry about it, assures S. Kabir and immediately explains: talking to yourself is not a sign of madness, but a sign of genius. This, it turns out, is a scientifically proven thing.

A scientific experiment was performed

Psychologist Gary Lupyan, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, conducted an experiment in which twenty volunteers were shown various items sold in a supermarket, which had to be memorized. Half of the study participants were asked to list the items out loud. The other half had to memorize them silently. It didn’t take long to find out that those who repeated the list of products by voice found the products in the store 50-100 milliseconds faster than those who did not say the names of the products.

“I even mutter something to myself very often when I’m looking for something in the fridge or on store shelves,” G. Lupyan mentioned.

This personal habit pushed the psychologist to conduct the experiment. G. Lupyan, together with his colleague, also a psychologist, Daniel Swigley, came to the conclusion that people who talk to themselves from time to time are more capable and talented than those who never do so. Below are some facts that support this thesis.

Talking to yourself stimulates memory

Talking to yourself activates the sensory mechanism. It is easier to remember a word when you can visualize it, and in this case it is much easier to act accordingly, for example, to search for a specific product.

Talking to yourself helps you focus

When we say something out loud, we stay focused on what we are saying, which speeds up comprehension. Of course, this only happens if we know what the object named by a specific word looks like, for example, the product we are looking for. Let’s say we know that a banana is yellow and we know what shape it is, so when we say the word “banana” the image of a banana immediately comes to mind. Unfortunately, if we didn’t know what a banana looked like, saying the name of this fruit would have no effect.

Talking to yourself helps you clear and formulate your thoughts

Various thoughts are constantly floating in a person’s head. Most of them make sense, but there are others. For example, when a person makes you very angry, you may feel as if you could kill him.

But you know very well that such an impulse is not yet a reason to go to a psychotherapist, right? Instead, you can lock yourself in a room and… talk to yourself. By reasoning alone, you will better understand the positive and negative aspects of the situation, the reasons for the anger, and eventually you will calm down. After all, the idea that you could kill something was simply absurd and you couldn’t tell anyone else about it anyway.

So, talking to yourself helps you clear your mind, realize what’s most important, and formulate solutions to the problems you’re thinking about, researchers say.

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