Seven Lithuanians have been arrested in the UK, suspected of vandalizing stolen cars

It is announced that the officers found two large car dismantling workshops in the city of Scunthorpe, which has a large population of Lithuanians. Police are investigating and have carried out a number of searches over the past few weeks.

“A total of seven men have been charged following the recovery of stolen property, mainly high-value car parts, at several locations in Scunthorpe,” a Humberside Police spokesman said.

It is reported that the officers caught 25-year-old Šarūnas Eidininkas, 44-year-old Giedrias Eimutis, 24-year-old Edmundas Stankevičius, 27-year-old Lukas Lidžiės, 31-year-old Tomas Bružikas and a 17-year-old boy, whose identity has not been disclosed for legal reasons.

They are suspected of conspiracy to steal cars, possession of stolen goods and possession of proceeds of crime. T. Bružikas was also charged with possession of cannabis.

A seventh man, Luke Vover, 28, has been charged with conspiracy to steal motor vehicles and possession of stolen goods. All detainees on October 5. will appear at Grimsby Crown Court.

The searches turned up luxury cars, including a Rolls Royce, “Audi” and BMW. It is believed it could take several weeks for police to describe all the parts found.

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