Silence about the war is like resistance: why is the Kremlin looking for traitors in Russian culture?

The author of this text, A. Arkhangelskis, is a Russian publicist, culturologist. Former editor of the cultural section of the Ogoniok magazine. Since 2014 researches the phenomenon of Russian propaganda, is a laureate of the international competition “Profession – Journalist” (2016). After closing Ogoniok, cooperated with independent Russian media outlets Echo Moskvy, Republic, TV channel Dozhd.

At the end of July, the writer and right-wing politician Zachar Prilepin wrote a message about the betrayal of Russian cultural figures who do not want to support the war. “Approximately 200 cultural figures supported the special operation and more than 2 thousand – condemned. Not bad, huh? A tenfold difference. I am not completely convinced, but I know – several thousand more condemned, but remained silent.” Z. Prilepin further reasoned that those who keep silent are the biggest enemies, because their silence actually means an anti-war position, which means, in relation to the patriots, treason.

A week later, he held the first meeting of the “Research Group on Anti-Russian Activities in the Field of Culture”, which was attended by the leader of “Just Russia” Sergey Mironov, the chairman of the Committee on Nationalities of the State Duma, Gennady Semigin, and other deputies. Members of the working group prepared a list of those cultural figures who did not support the “special military operation”, as the war must be called in Russia.

The new version of the celebrity list covers five pages. Surnames marked with “against” or “silent”

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