son decided to enter the world too early

Stephen and Louise Crawshaw-Bowen have a son, Wolfe, who was born at 33 weeks of pregnancy, the portal writes BBC.

Louise, like many pregnant women, had a doctor’s appointment before the trip and was cleared to fly and holiday abroad. However, while at the resort, she suddenly felt ill, started bleeding and was rushed to a hospital in Antalya.

Born seven and a half weeks premature, Wolfe was unable to breathe on his own and had an infection in his lungs. Doctors said at least three weeks of intensive treatment were needed before the preemie could fly home, and the couple were already considering selling their home to cover the bills.

New parents Louise and Stephen lamented that the Turkish medical system did not allow them enough time with their son – he was born by caesarean section and his parents saw him for the first time five hours later. They were not allowed to touch him during the entire treatment period.

The fact that the insurance company refused to pay the costs of treatment abroad caused a lot of additional worries. The hospital staff asked him to sign an 800-euro bill, and later provided thousands of sums for the care of the premature baby.

The couple said that if Wolfe had been born a few days earlier, eight weeks into the pregnancy, at 32 weeks, then the insurance company would have covered the cost.

Stephen and Louise had to pay over 10 thousand. treatment bills and a few thousand more for accommodation.

The GoFundMe page, which the family created to ask for help from fellow citizens, helped to find a solution and collected more than 5,000 euros.

Later, dad Stephen’s employers also responded – as he is a serving soldier, the Royal British Legion agreed to cover the cost of medical transport home. Another charity volunteered to pay the remaining amount to the hospital.

The couple returned to the United Kingdom three weeks later, and after examining their son, local doctors are satisfied with his condition.

Adapted from BBC info.

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