Soviet stuff – no nostalgia: sanded toilet paper and trying to win a kledar in the lottery

As with any nostalgia, it is possible to remember everything both with joy and with sadness. I have collected items for you that USSR evoked the most emotions. Both positive and, mostly, negative.

In the previous article I told you about the Soviet kitchen. About “delicates” and stolen meatballs. About the household of a Soviet woman; kitchen helpers and the deficit. But if we forget the troubles and joys of the stomach and go down to the everyday household and entertainment of a Soviet man, then we will also find the most diverse memories in them. Say have a Japanese JVC or Sony deck was an unfulfilled dream of many young people. Only those who knew a sailor or those who often traveled abroad could have one. And you yourself know who traveled abroad in those days without problems. After all, back then even radios were a rare guest in our household goods stores. The VEF 201 was my grandfather’s favorite radio and we had a giant Estonia and I was very jealous of my grandfather for being able to listen to music on the beach.

If we have already started about the beach, then we should also talk about trips. Binoculars, tents, skis, tourist and sports clothes, kayaks… Everything was there deficit.

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