“Swan” returns from the 3×3 tournament in France with gold

A 3×3 “Challenge” series tournament took place in France, where Šakiai’s “Swan” shone.

Shakiškis in group A 22:10 crushed the Paris team, 22:14 defeated the Tel Aviv team and, taking first place, entered the playoffs.

In these 21:19 was defeated by the Harlem team, 21:15 the Versailles team is broken, and in the final 21:11 no chance was left for the Vienna four.

The Šakiai team was represented Paulius Beliavičius, Modestas Kumpys, Aurelijs Pukelis and Marijus Užupis.

The Gealan team from Trakai took part in the tournament, losing to the Jeddah team in the group (15:19), 20:19 after defeating the opponents from Rouen, and in the quarter-finals 16:21 not equal to the four of Versailles.

He wore the T-shirt of the Trakai team Ben Aleliūnas, Augustinas Mikštas, Dovydas Rimkus and Gabriel Čelka.

He also fell in the quarterfinals Ovidius Varanauskas and Darius Tarvydas represented by the Jeddah team, 19:20 landed Partizan Belgrade.

A. Pukelis became the most productive player of the tournament with 39 points, Marijus Užupis came second with 35 points. P. Beliavičius was seventh (21 points) among all players of the tournament, O. Varanauskas – twelfth (19 points).

The hockey team won 15 thousand United States (US) dollars and a ticket to the World Cup round in Utrecht, Holland. Jeddah’s fifth-place team won $4,000.


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