T.Purlys, who brought home the gold with sixteen-year-olds: the support of the people shows that basketball is alive in Lithuania

On Sunday evening, the plane carrying the Lithuanian 16-year-old national team, which won gold medals at the European Championship, landed at the Vilnius airport.

The head coach of the team Thomas Purly shared their impressions and were happy to have won the first place.

“We feel great. I would like to thank the residents of Lithuania, who were very numerous and who supported us. It’s nice that so many people support youth basketball, it shows that basketball is alive in Lithuania”, said the strategist.

T.Purlys revealed that there was always faith in the team.

“Of course we believed. I said that before the championship and a long time ago when I saw that team. Of course, I may not have seen the other teams, but I believed in the guys. They did a great job. We all did that work together, and I really believed from the first minutes.

Our strength is unity. Our whole team is the same height and we had practically no midfielder, but we led in rebounds. It goes to show that height isn’t everything. We were very mobile and team-oriented. I really liked the boys’ good work in training and it was reflected in training,” said the gold-winning coach.

One of the leaders of the team and elected to the symbolic top five of the championship Nojus Indrušaitis currently lives in the USA, but was happy to help Lithuania win a medal.

“A great feeling. I am very happy that I got the opportunity to play for Lithuania. Our goal was to win the gold and we did it.

I don’t care about personal achievements. The most important thing is the team result. It’s nice to be in the top five, but the important thing is that we won.

I want to thank Aurim Matulevičius, who contributed the most to me being in this national team. He coached me as a child in Chicago and contributed a lot to be here”, said N. Indrušaitis.

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