Tele2 and Elisa closed 3G networks

Tele2 and Elisa Eesti have also taken the decision to shut down their 3G networks, which according to Mart Laas, Deputy Head of Communications at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is a commercial decision as 3G has now become one of the most expensive technologies in the world. maintenance deadlines and operational efficiency.

“It is important to add that the closure of 3G networks is in no way mandated by legislation, but a business decision of telecommunications companies,” said Las.

Tunil Sari, Tele-2’s director of technology, told ERR that the shutdown: “will probably happen by 2025.” end”, later than Telia’s schedule, which should take place next year.

“The 3G network has already been shut down in many countries around the world, so the fact that it is being done in Estonia is normal,” he added.

Faster mobile data connectivity, which 3G cannot provide with other networks, has also been considered.

Meanwhile, Elisa’s head of mobile networks, Christo Korg, emphasized that shutting down Elisa’s 3G network is one of the company’s most important strategic actions in the near future, although, according to him, there is no specific deadline yet.

He added that the devices used in the 3G network, the source of frequencies, as well as the basic services provided, will rapidly transition to the use of 4G and 5G technologies in the future.

Only the network generations and frequency bands serving customers will change, Korg said.

Telia announced last week that in 2023 will close the 3G network at the end and offer affected customers new phones.

These three companies won three rounds of the 5G auction in Estonia, while the Lithuanian company Bite was the only other company.

Tele2 paid 1.6 million for its network, which it won at the auction at the end of July. Telia previously paid 8.5 million for its 5G network. euros, and the first auction was won by “Elise”, and in May “Elisa” paid 7.2 million.

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