The 24-year-old actor of the series “Riverdale” was sentenced to life in prison: he had hatched a terrible plan

The 24-year-old actor heard the sentence in British Columbia’s Supreme Court in Vancouver. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in March 2020, when he killed his mother Barbara Waite, 64, by shooting her in the head while she was playing the piano, exactly half a year ago.

Delivering the sentence, Judge Kathleen Ker said a horrific crime had been committed.

Prosecutors said during a hearing in June that the actor killed his mother on March 31, 2020, at the family home in Squamish. “GoPro” he filmed his confession after committing the crime and the lifeless body of B. Waite lying on the camera.

“I shot her from behind, straight to the head. She knew it was my job,” the actor says in the post.

After committing the crime, the young man bought beer and weed, experimented with making Molotov cocktails and watched netflix.

Finally, he covered his mother’s corpse with a blanket and went to sleep.

The next day, the mother’s piano was decorated with her rosary, and candles were placed around the body and lit. Then he loaded three guns, ammunition, twelve Molotov cocktails, camping equipment into his car and headed to the Rideau Cottage building, where the Prime Minister of Canada lives in Ottawa.

R. Grantham later confessed to detectives about the plan to kill the prime minister, and wrote about it in his diary.

For several hours, the young man drove toward Mr. Trudeau’s residence, but then changed his mind and thought it would be better to have a mass shooting on the Lions Gate Bridge or at Simos Fraser University, where he once studied. Eventually, the plan changed again, and he simply drove to the Vancouver Police Department and turned himself in, telling the officer, “I killed my mother.”

Announcing the sentence, the judge said that, thank God, Mr Grantham had not finally lost touch with reality and had learned not to engage in mass murder. She emphasized that before he killed his mother, the actor went through a very difficult period: he smoked a lot of weed, watched violent videos on the Internet and made plans to commit suicide.

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