The 33 points of the leader did not save the sixteen-year-olds from falling to the B division

The 16-year-old girls’ European Championship is moving towards the finish line in Portugal, where the Lithuanian national team is deciding the last things.

The students of Gintautas Kievinas are in the fight for the thirteenth place 68:73 (19:19, 17:15, 13:25, 19:14) lost to the Germans and dropped to the B division.

The defeated opponents in Group B started the match against Lithuania with a tie, but fell into a double-digit hole in the third quarter – 49:59. At the end of the match, the difference was close to the minimum (66:67), but the rivals finished more confidently.

The Lithuanians, who started with two victories, but then stumbled for the fourth time in a row, will now fight for the fifteenth place against the Danish or Finnish national team.

It didn’t help that the brightest star of the match was wearing a Lithuanian shirt – Sintija Aukštikalnytė scored 33 points in 34 minutes (7/15 double-pointers, 3/6 three-pointers, 10/13 free throws), 7 rebounds, 4 steals and 5 turnovers, made 3 assists, used the foul limit and scored 28 utility points.

Victorija Matulevicius added 16 (5 rebounds, 4 assists), the other Lithuanians did not exceed the five-point limit.

Maria Perner (15 points), Feriel Noupoue (13), Sophia Muller (12) and Paula Paradzik (11) stood out for the German national team.

Four national teams continue the fight for the title. The first semi-final pair consists of Spain and Croatia, the second – France and the surprising host Portugal.

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