The American, who spent 17 seasons in the NBA, is starting a coaching career

He has built a very long career as a player in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Andre Miller he intends to return in the role of coach.

The offensive lineman, who retired in 2016, has spent the past two years working to prepare young talent to play in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Now he is also working with professional players.

A. Miller will coach the Grand Rapids Gold, the backups of the Denver Nuggets competing in the NBA G League. Here he will replace another former NBA player, Jason Terry, who moved to Utah.

A. Miller was drafted eighth in the NBA draft in 1999 and spent 17 seasons in the league. He did not stay in any team for more than three years, but he left a solid impression on all of them, compensating for his lack of athleticism with high basketball intelligence and leadership qualities.

The defender, who distributed as many as 8,524 assists in his career, is still the twelfth player in NBA history according to this indicator.

In total, the veteran played 1,304 games in the NBA and collected 12.5 points (22 percent from three-pointers), 3.7 rebounds and 6.5 assists in 31 minutes. Those are unique numbers for a career this long, without titles or an All-Star appearance.

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