The Bermuda Triangle is surrounded by myths and legends: how do the pilots who have to fly over this strangely famous place behave?

Legends and myths

The Bermuda Triangle, or Devil’s Triangle, is the name given to the area in the Sargasso Sea surrounded by the US state of Florida, the Bermuda Islands and the island of Puerto Rico. This triangle has no universally recognized boundaries: according to various data, the area of ​​the “anomalous zone” ranges from 1.3 to 3.8 million square meters. square meters. This part of the Atlantic Ocean is surrounded by sad legends, which is why many do not want to travel here.

There are no reliable statistics on how many planes and ships have disappeared here; according to some estimates, a total of 20 planes and 50 ships disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. The most famous incident is the disappearance of five American bombers of the 19th Squadron in 1945. in December, their wreckage was never found. Conspiracy theorists believe that this is the work of aliens.

The opinion of scientists

Scientists have a boring explanation for shipwrecks and airplane disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle: this region is difficult to navigate – there are many shoals, frequent hurricanes and cyclones, and the Gulf Stream can cause rapid weather changes. It tells about wandering waves up to 30 m high, and about geomagnetic anomalies that confuse navigation devices. The version that in 1945 the squadron’s pilots veered off course when their compasses failed, then ran out of fuel and the planes crashed into the ocean.

According to Live Science, in 2016 more than 80 percent accidents were caused by inexperienced travelers who used smartphones or maps for navigation instead of special equipment.

What actions do pilots take?

Modern aviation defies superstition, with popular routes from Europe to the Caribbean and from the western United States to Central and South America passing through the Bermuda Triangle. Flightradar24 shows how many planes fly over the Atlantic Ocean without going off course or over the infamous triangle.

Flights are controlled by air traffic controllers, and pilots can expect help from the ground if navigation devices fail. Weather conditions are carefully monitored before each flight. Of course, there are plane crashes in the Bermuda Triangle, but not as often as in other parts of the world. The World Wide Fund for Nature does not even include this part of the Atlantic Ocean in the list of the most dangerous bodies of water on the planet.

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