The British media are ruthless: on air they mocked the outburst of anger of King Charles III and answered why he is not fit to rule

A South African comedian made tasteless jokes about Charles III to a cheering audience on The Daily Show, writes

He showed a widely circulated video of the king being annoyed by a leaky fountain pen and exclaiming: “Oh my God, I hate this. I can’t stand this damn thing.”

Before that, the monarch furiously gestured to one of his aides to remove the inkwell.
Mr Noah, 38, told his audience in the United States that videos recorded during the mourning period proved that Charles III was not fit for the monarchy.

He said: “It will take a lot of work to make the monarchy something everyone can be proud of.”

“However, judging by the first week of his reign, it appears that King Charles III is not the man to do that.”

The comments are not the only ones to have come out of the US media and sparked outrage in Britain. The New York Times was also accused of a “mock attack” on the royal family.

The newspaper said the Queen had helped “shroud the bloody history of decolonisation”, then blew the numbers when it began to question why her funeral should be paid for with taxpayers’ money – despite the overwhelming majority of Britons in favor of giving the monarch a proper farewell.

T. Noah continued his cynical diatribe: “I love how Carol says that the pens keep splashing him with ink.”

“Man, you are the King of England in the truest sense of the word!” If you don’t like these pens, get another one. I’m no expert on monarchy, but I’m pretty sure the hierarchy doesn’t collapse: prince williamKing Charles, and then the man who buys the pens.”

“I feel a little sorry for him, though. Really. Because in the old days, a king would never have had such problems. There would have been no leaky pens,” he added.

“Maybe King Charles is just stressed at the moment, maybe that’s why it happened.” After all, becoming a king is a lot of stress, I mean you have to memorize 15 different forks, you have to sleep with that crown, which is not comfortable.”

“But if you look at King Charles back when he was a prince, you’ll see that he was almost always that way.”

Noah then showed a video of Princess Diana’s controversial butler Paul Burrell attacking the then Prince of Wales.

Mr Burrell claimed he was “the one person Diana never trusted”, but others denounced him as a royal “crouch” who peddled stories to the press and who Charles was accused of “publicly carrying out a despicable vendetta”.

The former butler-turned-reality star later published his memoir about the royal family, which Prince William said would have “insulted” his mother, who accused him of “cold-blooded and open betrayal”.

In a video on the Daily Show, Mr Burrell said: “The Prince of Wales has grown up in such a privileged environment that he doesn’t have the habit of making his own choices.”

“Every morning his pajamas are ironed, his shoelaces are ironed, the water temperature is lukewarm, and the bath is only half full.” Prince Charles instructs his butler to squeeze an inch of toothpaste onto his toothbrush every morning.”

“One time he called me from his library and said, ‘Oh, Paul, it looks like I’ve got a letter from the Queen in my bin, could you take it out?’ and placing it back on the table, “Is that all, Your Majesty?”

Noah feigned shock in front of his shocked audience.

“When I was a kid, I thought kings had to pull swords from stones. But this guy can barely get his b*** out of his pants?” he wondered.

“You know what this story says about Charles? First, that the royals are disgraced, and secondly, that no one who works in that palace is African.”

The comedian then played an African woman who tells Charles III: “There is only one king and that is Jesus.”

The US media has come under fire in the UK for its coverage of the Queen’s death.
The New York Times reported on Wednesday that British taxpayers will have to pay for the funeral, which is reported to be more than £6 million. dollars.

The article called the cost “a huge cost” given Britain’s rampant inflation, but readers were not happy with the publication and condemned the tone of the report on the late monarch, who ruled for as long as 70 years.

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