the British media ground her into flour

Not surprisingly, she invited her friend, tennis star Serena Williams, to her first show.

Meghan’s first show, titled A Misconception of Ambition, attracted worldwide media attention. However, representatives of the British press did not spare her criticism.

“As Serena is one of the most successful players in the history of her sport, I was interested to hear how she analyzes her ambitions and desire to win, how she reflects on the price of triumphs; to find out what helped her get stronger in the first place.

But it didn’t happen. This quirky, sweet and slightly anxious conversation between Meghan and “her dear friend Serena” (as we keep hearing) says almost nothing about Serena Williams’ ambitious aspirations.

Also, the meeting ends with Miss Williams quietly sighing: ‘First of all, I’m just a mum and I love being a mum,’ observed columnist Bel Mooney.

The journalist hoped that the idea of ​​the podcasts, which would reach a huge audience thanks to Meghan’s fame, would help break down prejudice and break down what she called “the double standards that women face when they are called ambitious”. The Brit noted that no British broadcaster would allow the show to giggle as much as Meghan and her guest did.

“I waited in vain for sensitive questions about Serena’s upbringing and the influence of her legendary father Richard.” Was she encouraged to compete with her sister Venus? Has ambition been instilled in her since childhood?

But 11 minutes pass before we hear a word from the 23rd Grand Slam title holder. Instead, we’re treated to a lengthy preamble from the Duchess, which makes it clear that this podcast series is not just about the guests of honor, it’s about her as well,” Mooney said.

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