The couple who organized the baby shower was unlucky – the planned surprise was unexpectedly spoiled by the employee in charge

Unfortunately, an employee of the company “Ultrascan” in Dublin spoiled the surprise for the young parents. Holding the balloon under her arm, the worker approached the parents, only to suddenly burst the balloon prematurely and, for everyone to see, confetti poured out of it…

The company published a video report on the social network “Tik Tok” ā€“ it shows the faces of stunned parents-to-be. “Failure to reveal the baby’s gender,” was the caption of the video report.

The employee who left the auxiliary room was scared herself when the balloon suddenly exploded.

When the balloon burst, pink confetti came out, revealing that the couple were expecting a girl.

In a previous video report, the company told how it prepares balloons that reveal the gender of the baby.

First, confetti of one or another color is added to the inside of the balloon, then the balloon is inflated with a special pump and tied with a pink or blue ribbon.

The balloon read, “Boy or Girl?”

@ultrascanireland Make sure you watch until the end… šŸ¤£ #UltraScan #genderreveal #genderballoon ā™¬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

The unpleasant event may have seemed like a complete failure to most, but the users of the portal consoled the parents and saw positivity.

One follower of the website commented: “Cool event, they’ll never forget this.”

Another woman agreed: “If that happened to me, I’d be happy because it’s fun to laugh at a memory like that, because it rarely happens.”

“How fun that they are [tėvai] tried not to look,” joked the third.

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