The crazy details of the negotiations between Messi and Barca have been revealed: they asked for 10 million just to sign the contract.

The emotional images of L. Messi’s farewell to Barcelona on August 8, 2021 still remain in the memory of the fans. The football player could not hold back the tears while speaking.

As new details of Messi’s transfer to Paris Saint Germain emerge, not everything looks so pretty.

The Spanish publication, based on leaked correspondence between former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu and Jorge Messi, Lionel’s father and adviser, revealed that the footballer’s side demanded 10 million euros in addition. euro bonus just for signing the contract, as well as a higher reward due to the rising fees.

It was also demanded to keep the ransom amount symbolic – 10 thousand. euros, instead of the previous 700 million. euros. On top of all that, he requested his own box at the Camp Nou stadium and private jet flights to his native Argentina for himself and his then-teammate for Luis Suarez.

Back in January 2021, “El Mundo” published the amount of L. Messi’s contract with the headline “Pharaonic contract that destroyed Barcelona”. The multiple-time best football player on the planet, as it was announced, earned 138 million after the extension of the contract in 2017. euros per season.

According to the article, Barcelona tended to turn a blind eye to many of the star’s whims, but ultimately everything was determined by the size of the requested ransom and 10 million. euro bonus just for signing the contract. Mr. Bartomeu decided that it was too much.

And because of the tight financial situation, “Barcelona” was going to cut L. Messi’s salary by 30%. This should have contributed to the well-being of the club.

In the end, the negotiations failed and L. Messi had to – as it was publicly declared – leave the Catalan club against his will after 21 years.

Barcelona reacted to the information that appeared in El Mundo on Wednesday. In a statement, the club said it “expresses its dismay at the self-serving disclosure of information as part of a legal process”.

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