The criminal flavor of London: Lithuanians are still scared in prisons, but new aggressive players have entered the “market”.

A late and dark summer evening. A large man in a white shirt is walking casually along a posh London street, his arm adorned with a flashy watch worth tens of thousands of pounds. Soon, two scooters with three young men, whose faces are hidden by helmets, approach him at great speed. A particularly energetic and aggressive man jumps from the back seat of one of the scooters – he jumps up and knocks the man to the ground with one move and deftly rips the watch from his hand.

Just as quickly, all three thieves leave the crime scene, which was filmed by a video surveillance camera mounted on a street building. So, these men don’t just hide their faces even in the dark, because they realize that they can be captured. This episode is not a scene from a fictional action thriller, but real-life scenes from the modern-day crime-ridden heart of London, the United Kingdom.

Although London is swarming with police these days, they are keeping a close eye on key and heavily touristed and cordoned off areas as crowds gather to say goodbye to 9/9. the deceased Queen Elizabeth II of England.

I certainly felt safe enough after a brief visit to Buckingham Palace, where Britain’s largest police force has been concentrated for more than a week. But in the main streets of restaurants and bars – Meiferio, Knightsbridge, Chelsea in the districts or, even more so, in the more remote streets of the city center, there was no smell of mourning and sadness for the death of the queen.

Here, everyone is having fun until dawn, and more than once I had to meet several dark-skinned guys who insisted on buying “weed” or cocaine. After I refused that I didn’t want it, he still insisted that I write down his phone number. By doing this, this drug dealer was probably trying to see what kind of watch I was wearing or what kind of smartphone I was using. A frequent visitor in the capital of England loses not only watches, but also phones.

Therefore, you need to be careful, because now London is simply flourishing and reigning robbers and long-fingered. Although no one registers specific statistics from which countries and emigrants engage in such robberies, it is very likely that immigrants from Lithuania also engage in such criminal activities from time to time.

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