The cruel accident of the world champion – a concussion and a broken collarbone

World vice-champion Belgian Lotte Kopecky won. Pfeiffer Georgi from Great Britain won silver, and Mylene de Zoete from Holland won bronze.

17 female cyclists participated in the podium, but far fewer competitors finished it.

The race was stopped for about 45 minutes after a mass crash that left five female cyclists unable to continue.

The world champion from Italy Letizia Paternoster was the worst hit, she was taken to the hospital due to a head injury. Half an hour before that, she was given medical assistance on the track.

It was later announced that the athlete suffered a concussion, her collarbone was broken in several places.

On her part, O. Baleišytė was fifth in the elimination event of the European Championships in 2016, eighth in 2017 and 2021, and 12th in 2020.

Men’s sprint race qualification (22 participants) Vasilij Lendel took 8th, and Svajūnas Jonauskas – 15th place. Lithuanians covered the 200 m distance from the run in 9.87 seconds respectively. and 10.035 sec.

2020 European Championship bronze medalist V. Lendel lost to Hungarian Sandor Szalontay in the round of 16 and took 10th place in the final standings.

S. Jonauskas defeated the Ukrainian Vladyslav Denysenko in the round of 16, and in the round of 16 he lost to the 2019 World Championship bronze medal winner Mateusz Rudykas from Poland. Lithuania took 15th place.

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