The curve regrets the nuclear power plant: the price of electricity would be much lower

Visaginas nuclear power plants the price was projected to be around 68 euros per megawatt hour. Today, we have a price 6-7 times higher in the market. Plus we have Astrav nuclear power plant. If we had Visaginas, there would be no Astravos,” the Minister of Energy said on Tuesday at the Presidential Palace.

Therefore, noted D. Kreivys, the decision taken a decade ago not to build the Visaginas nuclear power plant was questionable.

“From a security point of view, I think the decision is questionable and I think there was a lot of confusion in the political space at the time,” he added.

ELTA reminds that in 2012 in October in Lithuania an advisory referendum was held on the construction of a new nuclear power plant in the country. 34.09 percent of those who participated supported the construction of the nuclear power plant, 62.68 percent. – did not agree.

Last week, the MEP also regretted it Andrius Kubilius. According to him, it is now clear that the project supported by the conservatives regarding the construction of the Visaginas nuclear power plant was the right decision. Therefore, he explained, one should not forget the conservative opponents who campaigned against a new nuclear power plant in the country a decade ago.

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