The cyclist who escaped from the embrace of death became the European champion

In August 2020, no one could have thought about F. Jakobsen’s future victories.

In the last meters before the finish line in Katowice, another Dutchman, Dylan Groenewegen, unceremoniously elbowed a sprinting compatriot on the side of the track, which crashed into a billboard, obstructed a nearby photographer and the finish post.

F. Jakobsen, who was riding at a speed of 80 km per hour, was thrown into the air, lost his helmet and severely injured his head, in addition, his upper respiratory tract and palate were damaged.

The athlete, who was in a coma, lost a lot of blood, and doctors immediately warned about the danger to his life.

Groenewegen, who was responsible for the crash, was then disqualified from all competitions for nine months.

Fortunately, F. Jakobsen dug himself out. And although at first he was happy just to be alive, a year later the representative of the Belgian Quick-Step team was back on the bike.

On Sunday, the Dutchman also achieved the biggest victory of his career by sprinting to the finish, beating French sprinter Arnaud Demare and Belgian Tim Merlier, who shared the remaining prize places.

The four representatives of Lithuania who participated in the race did not manage to topple the mountains. It rose to the highest – up to the 54th place Ignatas Konovalovlosing to the winner by 18 seconds.

Evaldas Å iÅ”kevičius 112th left (+3:31), Venant Lashinis ā€“ penultimate 124th (+7:18), o Mantas Janushkevičius did not reach the finish line.

In Munich, several individual crashes were also inevitable, and the most painful fall was Pascal Ackermann, the favorite of the local fans, who fell behind the barriers of the track.

The road cyclists will continue the European championships next Wednesday, when the women’s and men’s separate start time races await.

August 21 the women’s group race, where they won bronze a year ago, will take place Rasa Leleivytė.

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