The desire to get to know the girls ended very sadly for the Russian soldiers – their base was destroyed

They pretended to be girls and asked the soldiers to send their pictures. From the received photos, the hackers determined the location of the base, according to the group’s founder, Nikita Knyšu, according to the Financial Times.

They passed the information they received from the Russian soldiers to the armed forces of Ukraine. According to N. Knyš, after a few days this base was hit by artillery. The hackers did not specify when exactly this happened.

Before the war, N. Knyšas was an information technology entrepreneur and managed the Kharkiv-based cyber security company HackControl. After Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, he offered his candidacy to the office of the Security Service of Ukraine in Kharkiv, but his offer was rejected. Then N. Knyšas moved to Vinnytsia and in the basement of a factory founded a group of hackers called “Hackyourmom”, whose goal was cyber war against Russia.

According to the hacker, Hackyourmom hacked into a network of surveillance cameras in Belarus, as well as in the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine. Using special programs, the hackers separated information about civilian traffic from the movement of military equipment and transferred this data to the armed forces of Ukraine.

N. Knyšas also claims that “Hackyourmom” hacked into Russian TV channels and showed reports about local residents killed in Ukraine through them.

According to the Financial Times, it was only partially possible to confirm the words of the programmer. The name of the Hackyourmom group was not in the news until the Financial Times publication.

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