The drama of Ursula, who conquered Hollywood: lived in poverty, fell in love with her cousin and both ended their lives tragically

True, only those closest to her called her Uršula. This Lithuanian woman is better known to the world under the nickname Une Baye, for her work on the theater stage and in the cinema. She shone in Lithuania as one of the first female directors, who aroused the curiosity of many with the vicissitudes of her personal life – many famous men of that time sought her heart and hand, but U. Babickaitė decided to marry her real cousin Vytautas Andriaus Graičiūnas. Unfortunately, their love ended tragically.

This text was first published on in 2020. September 5 We invite you to familiarize yourself with Uršulė’s story.

Huddled with a pious aunt, there was only room in the coffin

U. Babickaitė was born in the 19th century. at the end, in Laukminiškii, Kupiškis district. Her mother Agota Graičiūnaitė married a widower who already had four children, and with him she had four more offspring – Uršulė, Petro, Kazios and Vytautas.

“My mother was a bright person who came to a dark village out of love for my father, on four estranged children. She knew how to read, write, “put together” lines and speak Russian and Polish,” U. Babickaitė herself wrote in her autobiography “Atsiminimai, dienorastis, laskii”, compiled by Linas Broga.

Unfortunately, due to ongoing conflicts, U. Babickaitė’s family was forced to leave their old home, shortly after that her father died, so she was no stranger to both poverty and hunger in her childhood. There are surviving testimonies that as a child, U. Babickaitė stayed with her very pious aunt – unable to feed her, her mother left her here. For the creepy, but sensitive girl, there was room in the relative’s house only in the coffin placed “on the floor”.

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