The famous soldier Simba, who renounced Russian citizenship and stood up to defend Ukraine, was killed in Ukraine

TSN correspondent Natalija Nagornaja announced her death on Facebook.

“We remember very strange things about a person, the strangest ones. Olya was simply adored by journalists. Today, even those who normally hold their own are crying. On her Facebook account, she wrote about herself: “Life is always one step away from death.” Olia or Simba laid down his head in the war today,” N. Nagornaja wrote.

According to “Novinary” information, O. Simonova was killed in an explosion while performing a military task in Soledar district.

Olga Simonova is a former Russian, a former resident of Chelyabinsk. In 2014, she did not support the occupation policy of Russia, specifically the annexation of Crimea and the military aggression in the Donbas, so she moved to Ukraine and joined a paramedic volunteer unit.

As Simba herself has said in an interview with Novinary, since 2015 she has been trying to get Ukrainian citizenship, and in 2017 she finally succeeded. In addition, she renounced the citizenship of the Russian Federation – for her it was a matter of principle.

In 2016, while still a Russian citizen, she signed a three-year contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a foreigner. During that time, he received the rank of sergeant and commanded an infantry fighting vehicle.

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