The final place of Lithuanians in the European Championship is lower than in the historic fall in Poland

After all the teams that have reached the quarter-finals of the European Championship have been revealed, it is possible to put together the lineup of the remaining national teams.

Two wins and four losses mean that Lithuania took fifteenth place in the championship.

Among the teams that fell in the round of 16, only the Czech Republic achieved a worse result, which also won twice, but did so with a worse ratio of points scored and conceded in the main time of the match.

The best team left behind is Serbia, who made it through the group stage without stumbling, but lost to Italy in the pivotal meeting.

The worst Lithuanian performance so far was the 12th place in Turkey in 2001. The 2009 fiasco in Poland is marked 11th place.

It is true that the complex schedule of Lithuanians can also be included here. The only Lithuanians played even against four national teams that reached the quarter-finals, the possibility that all the national team’s opponents (Germany, Spain, Slovenia and France) will also advance to the semi-finals cannot be ruled out.

Final lineup:

9. Serbia

10. Turkey

11. Ukraine

12. Croatia

13. Montenegro

14. Belgium

15. Lithuania

16. Czech Republic

17. Israel

18. Bosnia and Herzegovina

19. Estonia

20. Bulgaria

21. Sakartvel

22. The Netherlands

23. Hungary

24. Great Britain

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