The first mass graves were found in liberated Izium: we pray that it will not be like in Bucha

Maksim Strelnik, a deputy of the Izium city council, told UNIAN that about a thousand civilians may have died in the city located in the Kharkiv region during the Russian occupation.

Speaking to UNIAN, V. Macokinas said that he could not name the number of victims yet, but he emphasized that alarming information is being received.

“For today, we have burials “under the numbers”, mass burials have already been found, those who died a violent death have been found, we already know the names of those people, we know some of the circumstances, the police are working. We pray to God that Izium will not be another one Kiss, because Buča was occupied for a month and Izium for five. And those atrocities that were committed in our city… We know about the prisons established in our city, how people saved themselves when the Ukrainian army came, ran away from them”, said the politician.

According to him, there are witnesses who say that the Russians brutally tortured people in these prisons, women were tortured with electric current.

“I cannot tell all the circumstances. But those stories we hear, those atrocities, animals do not behave like that, and you cannot call them human. But everything is documented, the prosecutor’s office is working, the national police is working, assessing the scale of crimes,” he said.

Most of the city was destroyed

According to the deputy mayor, the situation in the city is difficult, 75-80 percent of the buildings have been destroyed, there is no electricity and water in the city, there has been no gas in the city since March – it stopped being supplied due to damage to the pipeline during airstrikes.

“Before leaving, the Russians destroyed the electrical communication lines – there is no light in the city at all,” said the deputy mayor.

According to him, shops are slowly opening, markets are starting to function, but there are logistical problems.

“I always remind you that the operation to liberate Izium continues. The armed forces, special operations forces, national guard and national police bodies work here,” he said.

When asked if the residents of Izium who are currently living elsewhere can already return to it, the deputy mayor said that he does not recommend it yet, because the city is dangerous – the Russians left a lot of mines when they retreated.

“I would recommend taking your time, refraining from wanting to see what happened to the property,” he said.

According to the politician, mobile service is promised to be restored in the city within four days, and the army is currently helping people contact their loved ones and let them know they are alive.

M. Strelnik, a deputy of the Izium City Council, told UNIAN that there is currently a shortage of medicine in the liberated city, and the issue of treating the sick and injured needs to be urgently addressed.

According to V. Macokina, humanitarian aid is being transported to the city, which is necessary for about 10 thousand residents of the city. Before the Russian aggression, about 45 thousand people lived here.

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