The first Russian-owned superyacht will be sold at an auction in Gibraltar

In March, the Axioma yacht was seized in Gibraltar after the US bank JP Morgan reported that its owner, Dmitriy Pumpjanski, was in default of 17 million. loans of pounds sterling (20 million euros).

The 72.5m vessel will be auctioned on Tuesday and, as it has only been listed for one day, it is likely to sell for less than its true value.

The huge yacht has six cabins that can sleep 12 people. In addition, it has a swimming pool, hot tub, massage room, 3D cinema, jet skis, diving equipment and a crew of 20.

It is the first seized luxury ship to be sold after sanctions were imposed on powerful Russians over Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Some governments, including the United Kingdom, are calling for the proceeds of confiscated assets to go to Ukrainian refugees. However, the proceeds from the sale of Axioma at the Gibraltar Admiralty Court auction are likely to go to JP Morgan.

Although the ship, which was built in 2013, was originally called “The Red Square“, belonged to D. Pumpjanskis, millionaires could rent it for 465 thousand. pounds sterling (€549,000) per week, excluding overheads.

D. Pumpjanskis is a steel pipe manufacturing company OAO TMK, a Russian state energy company Gazprom suppliers, owner and chairman of the board.

58-year-old D. Pumpjanskis, whose assets are valued at 1.84 billion pounds sterling (2.17 billion euros), sanctions were imposed by the UK, the EU and the US.

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