The former butler of King Charles III revealed another side of Elizabeth II: suddenly she started running down the corridor, I could barely keep up with her

Grant Harrold, 44, spoke to Australian radio station Nova 96.9’s Ryan Fitzgerald-Fitzy and Micheal Wipfli-Wippa on September 9 as the world mourns the departed monarch.

Born in Erdrie, Scotland, the man worked at Highgrove House from 2005 to 2011. After opening up about the ‘other’ side of Her Majesty, Mr Harrold admitted he was ‘shocked’ by the death of the 96-year-old Queen, affectionately known as ‘Mrs Windsor’, reports

He explained that when he was young he once watched a documentary about the royal family and asked his father how he could dance with the Queen.

“My father said, ‘You either marry a member of the royal family or you work for the royal family,’ and I seriously considered which noble woman I could marry,” the former butler recalled.

“I realize now that maybe I didn’t do it very cleverly, but when I wrote to the Queen, I sent two letters. I even included a picture of myself so she would know what I looked like and in the letters I simply stated that I would work for her one day, Mr Harrold added. “True, fate turned in such a way that I got a job with her son.”

11 years after watching the documentary, Mr Harrold found himself in a banquet hall at Balmoral Castle with the then Duchess of Cornwall.

“We danced and the Duchess said, ‘Grant, you seem very nervous and frightened for some reason.'” I told her about my old dream and declared that I was going to dance with the Queen tonight. The Duchess of Cornwall replied: “There are 150 people in this hall. The queen will hardly dance with you, he said. “We finished the dance and she made a sound like I’d stepped on her leg.” I looked down, everything was fine, then I turned to see the queen. She held out her arms for a dance, and we began.”

Butler emphasized that the dance was a “wonderful” experience.

“She was such an extraordinary person. I have a lot of great memories, for example, how we ran down the corridor together,” the Scot claimed.

After stressing that it all happened “years ago”, he continued: “I don’t remember exactly what I was doing at that moment, but she suddenly started running. I thought then that no one would believe that I was actually running around with the Queen. She ran very fast, I could barely keep up with her.”

Mr Harrold also revealed that the Queen had “two lovely sides”.

“There was an Elizabeth II who was always seen in public, respected and loved, but there was also a private side – Mrs Windsor, who behaved like everyone else,” he assured.

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