The former manager of Vilnius airport Tomas Vaivila applied for flight compensation mon “Skycop”

Skycop owner Tomas Vaivila and Sergei Ivashkovsky.

Skycop, a company representing passengers seeking compensation for disrupted flights, was requested by Tomas Vaivila, the long-time manager of Vilnius Airport.

Working in aviation for more than 13 years, since 2009. T. Vaivila as the head of Vilnius Airport, and since 2013 managed the Moscow Ukovsky Airport and was part of it, then on February 24 of the year. after the start of the Russian military invasion, Ukraine sold its business and left the Russian market, leaving Lithuania.

In Lithuania, T. Vaivila joined Skycop and assembled an international sales professional and innovative product development team, whose work, defending their customers’ right to compensation for flight disruption even when it is not possible to negotiate directly with the airlines and they have to fight their own battles in court, contributes to the necessary exchange of air linij poiris user rights.

The aviation industry is extremely dynamic, on the one hand, it creates great opportunities for innovation and internal changes, but on the other, it has an impact on passengers, and that impact is not necessarily positive, says Tomas Vaivila. Therefore, it is extremely important to have reliable representatives of passenger rights who understand both the rights of the industry and the rights of the consumer. Currently, with mass cancellations and cancellations of flights in Europe and the loss or loss of luggage, it becomes much more difficult for passengers to get their money back. Therefore, the demand for the services of a company like Skycop has increased significantly, so we want to continue to rapidly expand and develop our activities.

In the Skycop international team, Sergei Ivashkovsky, who is of Ukrainian origin, has more than 15 years of experience in leading companies such as East Capital and Oxus Acquisition Corp and other international investment management companies, bringing together technology and sales specialists from Ukraine and around the world. Skycop’s deputy general director, head of strategy and business development specializes in business analysis, long-term portfolio investments, special situations, private capital investments, high technologies, transformation projects.

It is planned that Skycop will become the TOP 3 travel tech in the world and will attract 200 million euros of investment.

About Skycop:

Skycop is a company that represents passengers seeking compensation for disrupted flights. The company’s mission is to ensure that all passengers whose flight was disrupted due to the airline’s fault receive the flight compensation they are entitled to. The Skycop team consists of more than ten years of experienced legal specialists, aviation and financial professionals who individually analyze each claim and fight to ensure that each request for flight compensation is satisfied quickly and efficiently.

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