The Georgian national team defeated the Turks in a match marked by expulsions of the players and E. Ataman and two overtimes

The beginning of the match did not promise anything bad for the Turks and Ergins Ataman’s students led 25:19 after the first ten minutes.

Leading 29:19 at the beginning of the second quarter, Turkish basketball players fell into a hole and failed to score a single point for more than 7 minutes. After a disappointing half, the Turks entered the locker room trailing 33:36.

After the break, the Turks failed to take the initiative, and emotions exploded in the middle of the fourth quarter.

When the home team was leading 62:59, Georgian Duda Sanadze fouled Furkan Korkmaz, and then passed the victim and threw a rebound.

F. Korkmaz immediately reacted to his opponent’s words and immediately approached the Georgian and clashed head to head. A scuffle broke out on the pitch and both players were ejected from the match.

The match was stopped for about fifteen minutes, after which a fierce battle continued on the field.

True, in this conflict the judges fought again. The conflict started with 4 minutes to play. 48 seconds, but when the players returned to the field after a long break, 22 seconds magically disappeared.

The teams went into the last minute with the score equal – 66:66.

With 11 seconds to play, Shane Larkin burst into the box and made a great pass to Alperen Šengun, who finished off the attack with a layup. Alexander Mamukelašvilis took the initiative. Having misled the opponent on the perimeter, the Georgian made a raid to the penalty area and snatched overtime with a hard shot.

In the extra time, with the Turks leading 73:69, Georgian coach Ilias Zouros earned a technical foul and the visitors gained a 5-point advantage after making a free throw.

However, two three-pointers by Thaddus McFadden put the Georgian team ahead. With 48 seconds left to play, A. Šengunas hit one free throw, thanks to which the Turks won overtime. True, A. Šengunas hit only 1 out of 4 free throws during overtime.

During the second overtime, Turkish coach E. Atamans, who could not control his emotions, was also sent off.

During the second overtime, with a minute and a half remaining, A. Mamukelašvilis hit a long shot and put the Georgians ahead 84:81.

The Turks were unable to equalize the result and with 24 seconds left in the game, the referees recorded an unsportsmanlike foul by Cedi Osman. E. Ataman went crazy because of such a judge’s decision. The coach jumped in the eyes of the referees and they immediately gave the Turk two technical fouls.

Finally, the home team confidently closed the game and celebrated the victory 88:83.

Turkey: Alperen Šengun 21, Sertach Şanli 15, Cedi Osman 13.

Georgia: Alexander Mamukelašvili 20, Thaddus McFadden 17, Rati Andronikashvili and Giorgi Šermadinis 15.

In the earlier match on Sunday, the Spaniards unexpectedly lost to the Belgians 73:83, and Montenegro beat the Bulgarian national team 91:81.

Turkey started the championship by defeating Montenegrins 72:68 and Bulgarian basketball players 101:87.

The Georgians lost to the Belgians 76:79 in the first game after overtime, and then lost to the Spaniards 64:90.

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