The German politician’s job for Putin: he is chosen to broadcast the Kremlin’s messages adapted to the West

According to the commentator, the former German chancellor is speaking exactly what the Kremlin is seeking, broadcasting the message about preserving the already occupied territories and not handing them over to Ukraine. Only this time terms are used to create the illusion of a democratic order, and it is not for nothing that the model of the Swiss confederation made up of 26 cantons is mentioned here.

“This is being said specifically so that by holding referendums it would be possible to switch to the canto system, creating a confederated state, which would mean certain stages of reintegration.

However, I think this is nothing more than a vile attempt to include (Ukraine – ed.) in the negotiations, while the goal remains the same: to join the occupied territories to Russia. They (Russia’s leaders – ed.) will definitely not give up this idea, all those talks about the fact that we will not take anything, there will be a confederation, are intended for complete idiots, I don’t know who can believe that”, said the commentator M. Feiginas.

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