The German trying to save Lithuanian football appreciated the possibility of inviting V. Dambrauskas to the helm of the national team

So far, in the four matches played, the Lithuanian account has zero points. The second position has already become an even theoretically unattainable mirage, and attempts to move up to the third place and overtake the Faroe Islands, who are currently there and have four points, may become too high a bar.

However, now the main goal is to hang on to the third place and thus try to stay in the C1 group of the Nations League.

Next week, the Lithuanian national team will test their strength at home by hosting the Faroe Islands, and on September 25 they will face Luxembourg on the road.

“I’m looking forward to the coming week, we started preparing for it. It is difficult to fight after four defeats, everyone knows this situation, but we are well prepared. I worked a lot with my team, we know the main strengths and weak points of our opponents”, R. Breu reasoned before the upcoming challenges.

In the match against the Faroe Islands national team, Lithuanian footballers will have a solid support of fans. LFF decided to invite fans to this match with free tickets, the latter were quickly snapped up.

“We won’t have much training, because all the invited players are still playing in their clubs, I really hope they won’t get injured, we’ll try to recover properly and prepare for the matches.

We promise to train with the full team only next Tuesday and Wednesday. We talked a lot with football players. I gave them my ideas, and they shared their thoughts with me”, said the coach of the Lithuanian national team.

Of the 23 players on the list presented by the coach on Tuesday, seven of them play in the A-League. The football specialist from Germany said that this number is not bad.

“Seven out of 23 players’ place in the premiership is not small. However, I never give priority to where a football player plays, I watch them all, and the best ones end up on the national team list,” R. Breu said.

Speaking about the closest rival, the Faroe Islands national team, the German singled out the most dangerous characteristics of the opponents.

“This is a very physically strong team. She doesn’t play one type of football, so we have to be ready for that. We have to play carefully, with discipline, understand their character. Rivals will fight for victory until the last minute. It won’t be an easy game, but we are ready to fight for victory at home,” emphasized the coach.

On Monday, there was a big explosion in the football sky, when the team “Hajduk” Split unexpectedly dismissed the best coach of the country, Valdas Dambrauskas, from the post of chief strategist.

When asked if he would not try to interview this specialist to take the helm of the Lithuanian national team, R. Breu, who holds the position of technical director, said that he is not thinking about it at the moment.

“At the moment, the priority is the national team’s game in the Nations League matches. We will do everything step by step, we will watch after two games played.

For now, I am not thinking about V. Dambrauskas. We want to win these two games and then we will watch with our colleagues. We need smart, not quick solutions”, emphasized R. Breu.

In recent days, the war between the LFF and the country’s politicians has started to rise again. However, the temporary strategist of the Lithuanian national team said that he would not take up the evaluation of these events.

“I won’t talk about politics, I’m only talking about football, how to make this football more successful in Lithuania,” reasoned the German.

Extended list of the Lithuanian national football team:

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