The governor of Luhansk warns the occupiers: there will be no way to escape

According to him, Russia withdraws the remnants of its forces to the Svatovo-Troitske area, located near the Ukrainian-Russian border.

“The main hit, of course, will be there. The de-occupation of the Luhansk region will begin from there,” noted S. Haidajus.

At the same time, according to his data, the Russian soldiers together with their collaborators withdrew from Kremina, but the Ukrainian armed forces are not there yet: “The Ukrainian flag has been flying in Kremina for three days now, no one has taken it down. All the collaborators and Gauleiter fled.”

Not even pro-Russian fighters are left, confirmed S. Haidajus.

When asked why the Russian soldiers left the city, S. Haidajus answered: “They (Russians – ed.) understand very well that the Russian army has fallen. The armed forces of Ukraine will soon liberate Lyman, and from there the Luhansk region is within easy reach. If everything goes well, they won’t have any chance to get out of there.”

At the moment, the enemy is trying to create a defensive line in the Svatovo-Troitke area. “The Russian border is already there and you can cross from Lyman to the Luhansk region,” explained S. Haidajus.

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