The groom took revenge on the unfaithful bride at the altar: he exposed her affair in the most unexpected way

A 2019 video recently appeared on the TikTok website and has caused quite a stir online, reports.

Footage shows a couple walking towards the altar during their wedding in Fujian, southeast China.

When the young people finally reach the center of the stage, a five-minute video appears on a huge projector screen, according to local media.

The groom pushes the bride and says to her: “Did you think I didn’t know about this?”.

Then the young woman throws a bouquet of flowers at her husband.

@sweetzashley Groom Humiliates Bride At Wedding After Showing A Room Full Of Guests X-Rated Video Of Her Cheating With His Brother #Viral #cheatingwife #exposed #weddingday ♬ original sound – Sweetz Ashley

When the video appeared, it collected almost 6 million views. views and received thousands of comments.

The video is titled “The Cheating Bride” and its caption reads: “Groom released a video of his wife cheating on him with her pregnant sister’s husband in front of everyone.”

However, not everyone liked the groom’s act of revenge.

Some people questioned why he even bothered to marry a bride if he knew she was doing dirty things behind his back.

“Is this happening outside of a party, so doesn’t that mean they already said ‘I do’ to each other?” one person wondered.

“Why did he even marry her?” asked another.

A third wrote: “So why did he spend all that money on the wedding?”

A fourth reasoned: “Maybe he found out too late and the wedding has to be paid for regardless of whether they end the relationship.”

Others enjoyed the public humiliation of the bride.

“The best revenge is against all your family and friends,” commented one user.
“The man stood there knowing the disaster he was about to cause,” wrote a second.

The media reported that the bride had an affair with her pregnant sister’s husband.

At the time, Asia One reported that the couple had been dating for two years and got engaged six months before the wedding.

After learning about his fiancee’s affair, the heartbroken man decided to “humiliate” the bride-to-be.

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