The heat forces you to take off your bras: the best looks without restricting your chest

According to, the pressure to wear a bra is so strong that we don’t even dare to go out without it. Increasingly, some women are encouraging others to stop wearing bras and accept their breasts as they are, no matter which way they are turned, no matter how protruding or inconspicuous they are. Research also raises the question of how many bras are really necessary.

Amazing research

According to Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon of the University of Besançon in France, wearing a bra is not necessary at all. It has been carried out for 15 years research shows that bras do more harm than good. According to him, wearing a bra causes the breasts to lose their natural firmness, causing them to sag. If you want to keep your breasts healthy, wear a bra that’s the right size and doesn’t squeeze them or give you back pain. Also, sometimes you can give your breasts a break from the bra and see how it works for yourself.

At, we see that we all want our clothes to be comfortable, but we have the exact opposite demands on bras: they need to fit tightly, hold you in securely breast. In performing this function, bras inevitably put pressure on the breast tissue. Without a bra, blood will begin to flow much more freely through the veins, so the breast looks healthier in the long run and the whole body’s blood circulation improves.

How to increase breasts?

In order to look sexier, women often choose bras that visually enlarge their breasts with the so-called “push-up” effect. But the easiest way to make your breasts look fuller and reveal the gap between your breasts is to ditch the bra. When the breasts naturally rise, the pectoral muscles are forced to work to reduce the effect of gravity. So, although the breasts do not actually increase in size, the strengthened muscles make them look fuller.

As already mentioned, the elimination of the bra improves blood circulation, strengthens the muscles, and the skin is no longer in contact with sweat and dirt, which accumulates under the bra and prevents it from breathing. For these reasons, the condition of the skin and muscles of the chest can be visibly improved. Constantly wearing a bra can cause the skin to become discolored, discolored, or even blotchy. So how can you afford not to wear it?

Unworn and that’s it

The Crown actress Gillian Anderson has revealed she has stopped wearing a bra, prompting her fans to pour in their praise on Twitter.

“I can’t wear a bra. I can’t,” she told her 1.8 million Instagram followers in a live video stream. “I’m sorry, I just don’t… I don’t care if my breasts are perky… my breasts reach my belly button.” I don’t wear a bra anymore. It’s just too damn uncomfortable.”

How not to wear a bra? Sounds obvious, just don’t wear it and that’s it, right? If you want to go braless, say goodbye to bras and just stop wearing them. But for most of us, that’s easier said than done. If you’ve been wearing a bra almost every day since you were a teenager (maybe even earlier), not wearing one can feel unnatural, and the feeling of liberation will only come later. But it is possible! offers some ideas on how to dress up without wearing a bra.

“A black knit sleeveless top is great because it’ll stay opaque, and if it’s still a bit tight, it’ll help support your breasts,” Kaitlin Barthold, designer of Originally Lovely, tells – Wearing loose button-up blouses is another great option. Just make sure they’re not too see-through, unless that’s the kind of style you’re going for.”

She adds that silk, viscose or lightweight cotton blouses will likely feel the most comfortable and look the most professional. The next step is to start not wearing bras in public. Start with a trip to the grocery store or a morning walk, then ditch your bra and go hang out with your girlfriends.

The best looks without a bra

“The most important thing is to get to the point where you’re not thinking about it, not worrying about your clothes, and not compensating for your bare chest by ruining your posture,” says MIKADO personal stylist Jordan Stolch. “Relieving and getting out of your bra is a great way to build confidence and feel natural.” says it usually helps to choose the right braless outfit that still gives you some support. Their stylists offer the best braless outfit ideas to help you ditch your underwear once and for all – if you want to.

1. Jeans and a sleeveless blouse.
2. A dress or dress with a deep V-neck.
3. Jeans and a button-up cardigan on a naked body.
4. Shorts and oversized casual shirts.
5. Summer pants and blouse with bare back. also highlights sleeveless knit tops and suggests wearing them as a base layer under shirts and other clothing. This is the simplest and easiest way to go braless. You can wear very tight bras during your free time. This will keep your breasts in place and control how they look. And having a smaller bust makes it even easier.

You can also wear a camisole, ballet leotard, or similar tight-fitting sleeveless garment instead of a blouse. So, there are plenty of ways to go braless and give your body a break—starting with the heat, at least. By the way! Why do we forget bralettes? They are 10 times more comfortable, without wires or packing, and can be a great replacement for regular bras.

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