The impatient king was outraged by the leaky fountain pen: he did not spare angry remarks

The quill began to drop ink as the monarch signed the guest book in Northern Ireland. Charles III very annoyed, it seems that the writing instrument has lost its favor far from the first time.

King with Queen Consort Camilla visiting Hillsborough Castle, where his mother Elizabeth II was honored.

While signing the guest book, the monarch asked the assistant what day it was today. It turned out to be the wrong one. After finishing writing, Charles III handed over the fountain pen to his wife. At the same moment, he lost his temper.

“God, how I hate it,” the king no longer tried to hide his irritation at the greasy writing tool.

“Look, there’s ink everywhere,” Camilla responded as well. The assistant quickly intervened and handed over another writing instrument.

“I can’t stand the damned thing… It’s the same every time,” Charles III grumbled as he walked away.

The king also needed help signing documents during his accession to the throne.

On Saturday, during the Ascension Council ceremony, St. At George’s Palace, His Majesty was also in trouble because of an ink stain on the table. One former aide told Reuters that while the king can be a very jovial person, he loses his balance quite easily and is really demanding.

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