The Kremlin responded to the mass hysteria in Russia

President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday that at least 300,000 soldiers will be called up to fight in Ukraine. reservists. The news sparked rare anti-war protests in several cities and panic among some Russian men. Stories have spread of men rushing to book one-way plane tickets or leaving for neighboring countries such as Finland and Kazakhstan.

The mass exodus threatens Russia’s economy, as well as Putin’s faltering war machine in Ukraine. However, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov tried to dispel public concerns.

“It is understandable that in the first hours after the announcement (of the mobilization) and even on the first day, there was a hysterical, extremely emotional reaction, because there was really too little information,” he said. But in the following days, the government released more information and set up special phone lines to answer questions, he said.

On Friday, the Ministry of Defense provided new information on which men will not be drafted. Summons should not be received by high-tech and IT specialists, very important employees of the financial sector and representatives of the state media that drive the Kremlin’s war propaganda, as their professions are “important to the system”, the ministry said.

The head of the Defense Committee of the Russian Parliament, Andrei Kartapolov, explained that according to the mobilization law, reservists are prohibited from leaving the country. But since Putin ordered a “partial” mobilization, the law, he said, does not apply, and travel in Russia and abroad is allowed. Still, he advised hesitant reservists to find out.

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