The Lavrinovic brothers join the Wolves club

The Lavrinovičiai brothers, who actively associate themselves with basketball and promote it, will contribute to the organization of various activities for fans in the club, invite basketball fans to matches, get involved in team communication, and represent the club in public space.

Alytus is an important city for the brothers, who have won more than one prominent title during their career, because it was here, in the then city team “Alita”, that the tall players started their career back in 1996 and defended the team’s colors for several seasons.

“Alytus was the beginning of our basketball. Here we grew as players, played sports for many seasons. The city has given us a lot, we know a lot of fans, to whom it is always nice to come back and talk with them. Therefore, we want to give them good emotions and we will do that together with the new team, which will also start its journey in Alytus”, says D. Lavrinović.

“Alytus has great fans, so we are very happy that Wolves will play here in their first season. This is a city that loves sports, loves basketball. Although we have finished our professional careers, we want to be close to basketball, so we decided to contribute to the administration of the new club. We are looking forward to the moment when we can contribute and get involved in the activities as much as possible”, K. Lavrinovičius seconded his brother.

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