The leaked secret report has a bleak future for Russia

Even SIM cards for phones will be in short supply

“The flow of goods that traveled to Russia from Europe and the United States of America (USA) is being tried to be compensated by Chinese production. But there is a very serious problem here. “No Chinese company that manufactures products according to patents registered in Europe and the USA will deliver any of its products to Russia,” states economist O. Pendzinas.

A confidential report published by Bloomberg predicts that the shortage of goods in the country will only increase, and it will face unprecedented problems. One of them is the lack of SIM cards for mobile phones, which is predicted in Russia in 2025.

“Russian attempts to avoid these inconveniences by leaving Russia will only worsen the situation. Because the intellectual elite and IT specialists leave first, whose loss turns into a real blow to the country’s economy”, states “Unian”.

The report cited by Bloomberg states that Russia is at risk of mass unemployment – 24 million Russians may apply to the labor market next year.

To illustrate what is threatening the whole of Russia in the near future, the example of one of its cities, Tolyachichi, is presented. If earlier almost all the inhabitants of this city were related to the automobile industry, now it is sinking into an ever-deepening crisis.

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