the legendary Lady Ais also appeared on the stage

In the course of the evening, Indre bravely shared not only her, as she says, her adventures as a city girl in the countryside (she spent the summer in a homestead), but also opened up about significant events in her life, such as her courtship with her beloved singer Vida Bareikis. There was no shortage of inspiring stories, brave and extremely open thoughts about society’s stereotypes.

The main musical guest was the performer Gabija Lokyte, who prepared a program of well-known hits. Indre herself surprised the audience with unexpected songs. And the highlight of the evening was Ledi Ais, the performer of the legendary song “Jis”, who came on stage.

According to Indrė, the idea of ​​returning with a new event format has been in her mind for some time. “When I started women’s meetings almost five years ago, I felt a great need for it. We women understand each other very well, I have always been in favor of encouraging each other’s support rather than competition. This time I returned to the stage with more experience, less fear, more determination and with even more desire to make fun of myself,” said the organizer of the event.

According to Indre, the most important thing is not to stop. “I have always believed in the principle that good energy exchange should be encouraged. Such a female gathering encourages breaking standards and spending time on yourself and your friends. And, of course, to make fun of situations we all know very well. From experience, I can say that after such visits, women return loaded with a good mood and a lot, so next time men buy tickets for their loved ones themselves”, she shared her thoughts.

According to I. Stonkuvienė, the changed format of the event allows you to relax, free yourself and have a lot of fun with other women: “And there’s nothing to be ashamed of. At women’s events, we are only women, we can freely make fun of ourselves.”

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