The Lithuanian 16-year-olds defeated the Dutch basketball players after a fierce battle

In the second match of Group A, the Lithuanians beat their peers from the Netherlands 80:73 (16:24, 26:14, 22:22, 16:13).

In the first half, the Lithuanian national team had serious problems in the defense – the drowsy Dutch made successful attacks one after the other and were ahead 24:16 after the first ten minutes.

In the second half, the Lithuanians managed to rehabilitate themselves – the difference between the teams decreased, and by the middle of the quarter, Lithuania was already ahead.

The teams went to the long break with Lithuania leading 42:38.

In the third quarter, the Lithuanians remained in the role of the leading team, but T. Purli’s army could not get away from the opponents. After three quarters, the Lithuanians were ahead 64:60.

The war of nerves continued in the fourth quarter as well – halfway through the quarter, the Lithuanian national team led by just one point – 70:69. In the second half, the Lithuanians broke away from their opponents and celebrated their second victory in the European Championship.

In the first match of group A, the Lithuanians did not give up hope for France 73:41. T.Purli’s students will finish the group A matches with a duel against Israel.

Lithuania: Kasparas Jakučionis 17, Nojus Indrušaitis 16, Mantas Laurenčikas 10, Nedas Raupelis 8, Dovydas Buika and Steponas Žilakauskis 6 each.

Netherlands: Dwayne Aristode 17, Seal Diouf 15, Bram ter Weeme 12, Thijs Beens 9, Wamba Ngouateu 7, Aiden Benjamin 6.

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